Hair Odyssey

Are you an experienced stylist looking to relocate?
We are always looking for established, experienced stylists!!

So what makes the Hair Odyssey different and attractive to work at?
The atmosphere is very friendly, very enjoyable and attitude free.  We help each other, we respect each other, and we are truly a team.  From the front desk to the assistant, everything is set up to let you do, what you do best.  The salon is clean and organized, well stocked at all times, and always keeps the importance of the client in the forefront. 
We also look for the best way to apply our craft; Organic color, retail products, a non-smoking atmosphere, color-conscious lighting and updating our education are all examples of how we stay ahead.  The location is accessible from any direction with great parking. And being in business for over 39 years gives you a lot of experience with every aspect of running an efficient salon.

Are you a manicurist looking for a salon to enhance or create your own business?
The search for a great manicurist has been a difficult journey.  Here's what I'm looking for:
I believe what it really takes is being a bit different, and by that I mean....
using the best and newest ingredients that have little or no odor, being very flexible with your schedule, and           knowing how to self promote yourself. Have an artistic ability, a friendly demeanor, and a true affection for what you do.  We have a strong, loyal clientele to build off of, but it is up to you to achieve success. If all this sounds like your goal too, then give me a call.

Are you a student looking for a salon after graduation?
Over the years, we have developed much of our staff by welcoming talented students with drive and ambition. We have an assistant program that gives you the opportunity to get your hands right into it, while you improve on your skills and promote yourself.  We offer guidance and advanced training to hone those skills you developed in school, and offer you that supportive atmosphere.

Keith Madeleine, Owner/Stylist